Billing Matters®

Capture more billable hours and manage your back office more effectively with Billing Matters® law firm billing software. This fully integrated solution shares the same database as Time Matters®. Billing Matters® offers basic and advanced billing, full accounts payable and receivable, comprehensive trust accounting, a flexible general ledger, check writing and reconciliation and more.


Improve your billing and accounting with Billing Matters®.

Save time

Streamline your billing process by making the most of productivity and workflow tools, including a centralized billing and payables process manager. Customize prebill layouts to show exactly the data you need to review and approve invoices. Use Microsoft® Windows® printer trays to make document, invoice and check generation virtually effortless. Automatically e-mail invoices and use AutoTXT codes to save time entering billable hours, transactions and more.

Make billing easier

Select custom options including a definable timesheet, demand check processing and client, matter and financial reporting to reduce the effort required to run your business. You can generate a basic bill and post a payment in one easy step—or use advanced options, including split, flat, consolidated and allocated fee arrangements. You can set billing and accounting functions with lots of flexibility or lock down functions for tight control.

Better manage billing and trust accounting

Easily generate a multitude of standard billing and accounting reports using various filters and sorts, including a client ledger report; a billing history report; and productivity and profitability reports. Simplify trust account management with features like matter-to-matter fund transfer and negative trust balance compliance. Use the receipt allocation reports to display receipts by originating, responsible and billable staff.

Choose the tools you need now

Use one installation and adapt your process for current firm requirements. You can use Billing Matters® billing and accounting software as a stand-alone product or combine it seamlessly with Time Matters® to manage your entire practice—from calendaring and scheduling to billing and accounting.