eTMsync™ allows law firms to sync calendar and matter information from their eWatch® list with their Time Matters® calendar thereby streamlining your entire calendaring process and reducing the chances of clerical errors. By aggregating the data on eLaw®, eTMsync™ will automatically enter and update all court appearance and motion information in your master Time Matters® calendar so that all your important calendar information can now be found in one place.

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eTMsync™ will automatically update your Time Matters® calendar with upcoming court appearance information including:

  • Date & Time of the Court Appearance
  • Appearance Type (e.g. Preliminary Conference, Status Conference, etc.)
  • Court Part
  • Assigned Judge
  • Resulting Action (e.g. Adjourned, Fully Submitted, etc.)
  • Comments Noted by the Court


eTMsync™ reviews all motion information on your eWatch® list and updates your calendar with the latest information including:

  • Date & Time a Motion is Scheduled or Decided
  • Relief Sought
  • Motion Status (e.g. Pending, Fully Submitted, Decided)
  • Decision Date
  • Decision Type
  • Decision Comments


eTMsync™ gives you the option to speed up case creation in Time Matters by automatically entering key case information under a new eLaw® tab in your matter form including:

  • Names of Plaintiff & Defendant
  • Action Type (e.g. Contract, Tort, etc.)
  • Damages Type (e.g. Monetary, Non-Monetary, etc.)
  • Court
  • Assigned Judge
  • Assigned Part
  • IAS Category
  • RJI Information (e.g. Date Filed and RJI Type/Comments)
  • Case Status


eLaw provides access to the following courts:                             

New York

  • State Supreme Courts (all 62 Counties)
  • All eFiled cases from filing of the Summons and Complaint
  • New York City Civil Courts (five boroughs)
  • New York and Kings Clerk Offices minute books
  • Appellate Courts (1st and 2nd Department)

New Jersey

  • Superior Courts (all 21 Counties)


  • Federal District Courts in New York
  • Federal District Courts in New Jersey
  • 94 Federal District Courts