Time Matters®

is the legal profession’s most widely used practice management software. It helps you manage and organize all your day-to-day information and documents by client and matter with centralized scheduling, legal document management, global search capability, conflict checking and more.


Time Matters® helps you save time and increase firm profitability by capturing and effectively managing day-to-day information and activities related to cases and matters, clients, contacts, calendars, e-mail, deadlines, communications, research, documents, time, billing and more.

Provide better service...

to clients by centralizing your critical information. With a single point of access to all key information, any authorized person in your firm can give clients the status of a case or matter, updates on upcoming events—such as court dates, real estate closing appointments and statutes of limitation—as well as notes on who is assigned and what needs to happen next.

Speed up the lifespan of a case

Schedule appointments on time, finish documents in a timely manner, schedule dates in advance, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with automation. Take your cases to completion faster and more efficiently, resulting in quicker results and payment for both client and attorney.

Capture time and increase billable hours

By tracking all matter-related activities as they happen—from communication to documents—Time Matters practice management software helps you capture time more effectively and increase billable hours for each individual and your entire firm.

Work with apps you already know

TimeMatters offers seamless integration with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft® Word® and Adobe® Acrobat® to fit the way you work. You can also benefit from integration with Billing Matters®, PCLaw®, WORLDOX® and more.

Manage your information from anywhere

Synchronize your contacts, calendar and more from your PDA and mobile devices directly to TimeMatters. Synchronization support is available for Windows® Smartphone and BlackBerry® handheld devices, as well as Windows Mobile® 5 and Palm® Operating systems.

Reduce your risk

Alerts, reminders and to-do’s automatically help you monitor dates and other details that can get overlooked and may lead to malpractice claims. TimeMatters keeps historical records, which can help you quickly respond to claims with the facts. Good case/matter management practices can help firms manage insurance costs.